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Link Up North: Mental Health in the Workplace

LGB people are 50% more likely than straight people to experience long term mental health problems. 

They're twice as likely to attempt suicide as straight people. 

88% of trans* people have experienced depression compared to 1 in 4 of the wider population. 

More than 60% of trans* people have attempted suicide.

These are shocking and distressing statistics, and while the issue of mental health in the workplace is much wider than the LGBT community, it's important to remember that LGBT people may have very different experiences with mental health than their straight colleagues.

In this session, Katherine Conway, Head of Diversity & Inclusion and Community Affairs, Aon, will share their strategy on mental health in the workplace, and we will discuss how LGBT networks and health networks can work together to support all employees. This event will have a wider focus than LGBT mental health, so is suited to HR professionals as well as network members.