Amelia Gould, Liberty Specialty Markets

Amelia Gould.jpg

What is your role?
Operations Analyst

Amelia's Story
I joined Liberty straight from Sixth Form as a School Leaver among a group of Graduates. I spent 9 months moving around different areas of the company to work out where would be right for me to work. I left the programme 3 months early as I was asked to join the Niche Casualty team as an Underwriting Assistant. I worked in the team for 2 years before being promoted to an Operations Analyst, where I have spent the last 10 months.

What factors allow you to bring your full self to work? 
a. How does your environment make you feel involved and included?

Certain teams within Liberty almost act like a family, which can be rare for a work place. People care about each other and are interested in you. This makes it easier to come to work and helps to improve work flow as you want to be there.

b. Do you think there is improvement needed?  What are your ideas?
I think there needs to be a more equal number of men and women in the company.  I now work within a larger team that have a mixed gender.  My old team was made up of 4 men and just me, which could be difficult at times.

Do you have any advice for someone who isn't out at work yet?
Don’t let anyone tell you ‘you can’t do that’, and if they do, use it as a form of motivation to prove them wrong. If it’s something you’re passionate about and want to put your mind to it, why not make it possible?

What advice would you give to your younger self?
Although money is a big incentive, it isn’t everything. Don’t just do a job for what it pays: I’d rather come to work happy every day that hate what I do. You spend the majority of your week at work, why would you want to spend that time feeling miserable.

Can you describe the moment you realised you were a role model?
When the younger School Leavers joined Liberty and they started to come to me for advice. My old boss would use me as an example, which was an amazing feeling because I felt I had chosen the right path for me and had been doing the right things.

What do you do on a day to day basis to be a positive role model?
I ensure I produce my work to a high standard, respect my peers and try to get involved where I can with tasks outside of my role. The market is big on social events, so I make sure I am always professional as I want to do the company and myself proud. I will always make sure everyone is included.

What advice would you give to someone who wishes to be a good role model?
You have to make sure you are you at all times, otherwise people will see through it and not believe you. When giving advice to others be honest with them but also emphasis that at the end of the day it is there choice in what they decide and you can only advise.