Lloyd’s is at the forefront of the specialist insurance and reinsurance market globally. Inclusion@Lloyd’s shows the market’s increasing focus on talent; and on building and maintaining business that are open everyone. Link plays an important role in breaking down barriers and demonstrating the power of networks and best practice.
— Inga Beale, CEO, Lloyd's of London
As a signatory of Inclusion@Lloyd’s Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Charter, Allied World is honoured to host Link’s summer event. D&I is vitally important to attract and retain the best talent to the industry, and is key to our growth strategy as we develop our business internationally, now and over the coming years.
— Julian James, CEO, Allied World Global Markets
There are now 10 member (Stonewall Diversity Champion) insurance firms: AIG, Aon Limited, Aviva, AXA Insurance, Legal & General Group, Lloyd’s of London, LV=, Swiss Re, XL Catlin and Zurich. This is progress. But consider this out of a total of over 1,000 insurance firms with offices
in London.
— Greg Case, CEO, Aon
We all work in the insurance sector which increasingly looks like the land of Oz with a desperate need of brains, courage, talents and hearts. With your (LGBT Insurance Network) initiatives you are helping this cause greatly.
— Massimo Orsini, Chief Underwriting Officer Generali, UK Branch
Success requires a blend of experience and skill so if the London Market is to attract new business and respond to its clients’ changing needs we will need to ensure we have built an environment where innovative solutions can flourish and Link will make an important contribution towards achieving that objective.
— Barnabas Hurst-Bannister, Former President, Insurance Institute of London
Link provides an opportunity to create an inclusive working environment while attracting and developing a new generation of talent for the insurance and financial services profession.
— Dr. Alexander Scott, Former Chief Executive Officer, Chartered Insurance Institute
People‘s sexuality or gender identity should never be viewed as a barrier to success.  Diversity is a fundamental part of our  long term success,  as Vision 2025 makes clear, and the Link initiative will help us to become a more inclusive workplace.
— Dr. Richard Ward, Former Chief Executive Officer, Lloyd’s
Our commitment to diversity will give us access to the widest possible pool of talent, I firmly believe that better results come from teams with a diverse range of perspectives.  Sexuality or gender should never be an issue when striving for success within the Group and the vision and objectives of the Link initiative will help achieve this throughout the industry.
— Toby Strauss, Group Director Insurance, Lloyds Banking Group
I think it is important for the insurance industry to engage with LGBT talent issues, and attending Link’s launch event is a great opportunity for the industry to show support and get involved.
— Paul Jardine, Chief Experience Officer, XL Catlin, Deputy Chairman, Lloyd’s
Diversity is the power of our differences. As we value these differences, employees can realise their fullest potential. As an employer, it is our responsibility to develop and support talents of any kind and facilitate their inclusion to foster a truly diverse workforce.
— Nicolas Aubert, CEO, Willis UK